Disc Review- Axiom 1616 Defy Limited Edition

This disc is one of a kind. Quite literally. This is the 2016 limited edition and it is gorgeous. I have the neutron plastic with a royal blue center and white edge. This disk will catch your eye with its looks but its performance will make you want more of them.

The disc itself is a distance driver and I currently use the 175g one because I like to use a heavier disk, but, it ranges from 155g-175g. It is also classified under 21.5 mm. The disc also has a great feel in your hands. The edge is just right and fits in your hand just like it should. The grip is exactly what it needs to be and will not have

many if any slipping issues even in the rain.

The flight pattern holds true to form under any circumstance. It took me a bit of time to get a hold of how it flies but once I got it, it was the disc for me. This disk can give you great distance and that slight curve at just the right time. I will admit that it takes a bit to get the hang of the disc itself and breaking it in took some time.

One of the best qualities about this disc is that it can take a beating. The courses that I use are full of tress and rocks. The amount of times I have ran this disk into a tree can’t be counted. However, over time it has shown minimal marks and has not warped at all. It has been through different weather types whether it be rain or shine the disc will not be damaged.

Overall, this disc is the right one for any user whether you are a novice or pro. The plastic is durable, the flight is long and relatively straight, and its looks are on point. Whether you use it in the woods or on greens, this disc will take you far. If you can’t get the special edition, I would still recommend getting the defy disc. Axiom and MVP make a great disc that will last you a long time. Its pros greatly outweigh the cons.

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