2017 PDGA World Championships- Day 3 Recap

Day 3 came by and the Socki bomb was dropped on the competition. The course was played at W.R. Jackson again and it showed that some competitors knew what to do, and some struggled to move on up. The course as we know is a difficult one with the sporadic trees, narrow tees, and an OB creek that runs through the middle of it. The course is not forgiving and it showed with our two leaders going into today.

If you could not already tell or did not already know, Ricky Wysocki (Below) leads at -33 which is a substantial lead going into the final day. Another story to bring up is that Johne McCray fell to fourth at -24 behind Adam Hammes at -25 and Simon Lizotte at -24 as well. The hope for winning is slim for these guys but there is still a chance. Fort Gordon can cause issues if taken lightly with its long holes and t. Wysocki has to be on his A Game the whole time or he may lose his lead. I think going into the last day, Paul McBeth and Chris Dickerson who both sit at -22 will make a run for a podium spot. They are only a couple shots behind so it is anyone’s game for that two and three spot.

The women’s card is just about where you think it would be. Paige Pierce (Below) continues to run the board at -7 with Valerie Jenkins behind her at -1. Those two have been battling aggressively throughout these past three days and it has been fun to see. The third spot is still up for grabs with Catrina Allen at +7 and Lisa Fajkus at +8. I still think Jenkins is going to catch up and five Pierce a run for her money moving into the last day. I do believe that Allen and Fajkus do not have a good shot at making the top two just because of the competition at the top. I mean, anything is possible but the odds are not good.

The final day of competition goes back to the Fort Gordon course. The course can make or break a lot of competitors especially with all of those long drives and par 5’s. Hopefully individuals will move up and make the game interesting so that the leaders don’t get too lackadaisical. I am excited for the final day and what is going to happen! As always, look out on pdga.com for live scoring results and tee times throughout the event.

picture credit to pdga.com and their flickr account.

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