2017 PDGA World Championships- Day 4 Recap

Well the last day has come and gone and to no surprise Ricky Wysocki won the championships for the men! He finished the event at -41 and was in a huge lead to the man in second place. I do think that the man in second place is a surprise too me. Paul McBeth came in second place at -33. After a roller coaster of a championship the fact that McBeth finished in second place shows just how unpredictable the World Championship can be. Simon Lizotte and Johne McCray finished with -30 at a tie for third place. Then Devan Owens and Chris Dickerson have a tie for fourth at -28. The men’s division was crazy to watch and see how it progressed throughout the week. Johne McCray was in the lead for two days then had a bad game that led to Wysocki taking the lead and running with it and him dropping to a tie for third place. I love seeing the unpredictability of the championship and watching how the event progressed.

As for the women, Paige Pierce was the champion at -7 on the final day. Valerie Jenkins could not catch up and only got to -2 at second place with Lisa Fajkus at +4 at third. Rounding out fourth and fifth was Catrina Allen at +8 and Hannah Leatherman at +12 respectively. It is great to see a young talent like Pierce finish at the top of her game. I do wish there was more competition in the women’s division just to make the games more and more interesting. I think that as the game progresses there will be more competition and a bigger talent pool to deal with and see.

All in all, this was a great year for the worlds. There was no one person who had the lead as a guarantee and each day was different for scores. It was a sight to see as the week went on. I would like to thank the PDGA for the live scoring, Central Coast Disc Golf, and Jomez Productions for the video coverage on the lead and chase cards. I am excited to see what the next event is coming up for the major tournaments. Also, congratulations to the winners and all the competitors who even got to make it to the championships.

Picture credit goes to pdga.com

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