Q and A- Ricky Wysocki

As some of us may know, Ricky Wysocki just won his second world championship at 41 under par. He is one of the best right now in the professional Disc Golf world. He has won countless tournaments, a 2x World Champion, and all around level headed guy. He currently is sponsored by Latitude 64 and uses a variety of discs in his bag for the tour.

I got the pleasure to ask him a few questions and he gladly answered them for me! Check them out below:

What got you into Disc Golf?

Ricky- ” A local neighbor in Ohio gave me my first disc so then I naturally started playing.”

Do you have any pre-tournament rituals? If so, what are they?

Ricky- “Yes, I listen to music, stretch, and warm up with all different types of shots.”

What disc is your favorite?

Ricky- “My favorite is either the Harp or the Dagger.”

What helps you get out of a slump?

Ricky- ” Practicing the part of my game that I fell I am lacking. I will go to an open field and continually practice the shots until I build my confidence back up.”

What advice do you have for young Disc Golf amateurs?

Ricky- “Develop your own style and practice each part of your game repeatedly.”

What is your favorite memory over the years of Disc Golfing?

Ricky- “Making Long putts for the win at the 2016 Masters Cup and also the 2016 Minnesota Majestic.”

Short, sweet, and to the point. There is a little bit ore about the newest World Champion that you may have not known already. I would like to thank Ricky Wysocki for letting me ask these questions and also having him respond to the questions as well! Look out for more Q and A’s on the way!

Picture credit goes to pdga.com

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