Q and A- Jonathan Poole

I recently had the chance to talk with Jonathan Poole, the team manager for Innova Disc Golf. He was a nice guy and was happy to answer a few of my questions and he had some nice answers. We talked about the World Championship and some basic questions as well! Hope you enjoy!

How do you feel your team did?

Jonathan- “Our team did well. Obviously, we would like to have captured on of the two titles at stake, but Ricky and Paige both proved once again that they are the two best players in the world. It was a joy to watch them both compete at such an amazingly high level.”

What do you look for in Innova players?

Jonathan- “We look for people who carry themselves with integrity, humility, and professionalism both on and off the course.”

What can we look forward to in the coming months from Innova and its sponsored team?

Jonathan- “Our team is looking forward to the remainder of the touring season. There are still big events on the horizon such as the European Open, Pro Masters World Championships, US Women’s Championship, and the United States Disc Golf Championship. Then in late October we will evaluate each of our sponsored athletes and begin to establish our new team roster for 2018.”

Was pro worlds a success for you guys?

Jonathan- “Absolutely. Our team represented well. We enjoyed a full week of positive discussions with many of the top influencers in the game. Worlds is always a great time to hang with the diehard disc golf community.”

What’s it like to be a part of the Innova team?

Jonathan- “I think people really enjoy being part of the Innova family. I hope so, anyway. For such a big team I think we do a good job keeping people connected with each other and with the company itself. We really care about all of our sponsored athletes and ambassadors. It is more about “relationship” than “sponsorship” and I think they feel that on a fairly regular basis.”

Any new Discs or plastics being released soon?

Jonathan- “There is nothing major on the immediate horizon. But our leader, Dave Dunipace, is always testing and tweaking, constantly on the hunt to do things better. Dave also plays A LOT of disc golf. You just never know when inspiration will hit!”

Do you guys consider yourselves to be the nike of disc golf?

Jonathan- “Maybe in some ways, but we are an extremely small company compared to giants like Nike. Our evolution has probably been closer to a company like Burton in the snowboarding industry. But like Burton and Nike, our employees are passionate about the company and the game itself. From that standpoint, we are very much alike.”

Thank you Jonathan and the Innova team for answering my questions and taking the time out of your day to get back to me in a speedy time! If you would like to learn more about Innova and see what they are about go to innovadiscs.com. Thank you again for talking to me and answering my questions! Look out for more coming in the summer!

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