Overstable Studios- Juan Luis Garcia Q and A

There is a company out there that is trying to get more and more recognized within the sport of Disc Golf. The company is called Over Stable studios and it is lead by Juan Luis Garcia. It is a company that is known by many in the world of Disc Golf but is still on the rise to become a household name for photography, graphic design, and much more! Juan let me ask him a few questions and here are his answers! Enjoy!

1) How would you describe what you do?

Provide graphic design, photography, video and brand strategy for disc golf companies.

2) What got you into working with Disc Golf companies and the community itself?

I became obsessed with disc golf and wanted to contribute in the best way I could.

3) What has been your favorite project that you have done so far? Disc golf or not

I love the challenges of every project to be honest.

4) What should we expect from you looking into the future?

Overstable Studios is an experiment at it’s core so anything is possible!

5) What is your favorite course?

The one 5 minutes from my house lol but I love to play new courses often.

6) What is your favorite Disc?

My entire bag but probably the Shryke. It’s so versatile and easy distance.

7) Who is your favorite person or company to work with?

All of them!

8) Is there any advice you could to anyone who wants to pursue a job/career like yours?

Design or photograph exactly what you’d like to get paid for and then show anybody and everybody!

9) Is there anything you would like people to know about you or Overstable studios that they may not know already?

We love feedback. Hit us up on facebook or instagram!

I would like to thank Juan Luis Garcia for letting me ask him some questions and answering them so quickly! If you would like to check out more about overstable studios you can find them on all forms of social media or at overstablestudios.com

picture credit goes to overstablestudios.com

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