Johnny Disc Golf- Cory Murrell Q and A

I like to watch the recaps of events on YouTube when I can’t see them live. One of the channels that I watch is Central Coast Disc Golf. If you watch CCDG then you know that there are a lot of key players on and off the scenes of their team. One of their more known and fantastic individuals is Cory Murrell, or better known as “Johnny Disc Golf”. I got the opportunity to ask him some questions and he was happy to answer them! check out his responses below!

1) How did you get into Disc Golf?

I played a few times between when I was 8 and 24. in 2015 I started playing quite a bit mostly because I had a few buddies move to San Francisco and we all lived less that 5 minutes from Golden Gate Park. Once I figured out there were leagues and tournaments, I as hooked.

2) How did you get your start in CCDG?

The biggest event of the year, The Safari, was coming up and I wanted to help out in any way that didn’t involve physical labor. I knew Ian was on reddit and so was I. I made a post asking to give him a hand and I was able to shoot second cam and edit all the footage for the event. It was a blast.

3) What is your role in CCDG?

I do most every role over the course of a season. Because we have a rotating cast of characters traveling to tournaments, I end up doing every roll eventually. But editing and commentary is where I’m being most productive.

4) What has been your favorite memory over the years working within the Disc Golf community?

All the incredible shots are great to watch in the moment, but all of my favorite memories involve the off the course times with friends, family and total strangers that open their homes and hearts to us. Disc golf has been a great avenue for me to grow as a person and see people and places I never would have otherwise, and I appreciate that.

5) What is your favorite Disc?

Color Glow Firebirds and Compass’s.

6) What is your favorite course?

Golden Gate Park and the courses at Smugglers Notch in Vermont.

7) What has been your favorite ‘funny’ video you have shot so far? ( Champs vs chumps, starter pack


Champs Vs. Chumps. The Kansas City event almost makes me never want to do one again…almost.

8) Who is your favorite pro to work with and why?

Hard not to say the combo of Sexy Beast because of the star power and legitimate skill on camera, but Peter McBride, Bobby Musick, Devan Owens, and many others have a soft spot in my heart.

9) How did you get known to be “Johnny Disc Golf”?

Nate Sexton had a field day with my Johnny Manziel Padres jersey in the first Champs Vs. Chump I was in and I’m pretty sure Manziel has owns “Johnny Football.”

10) Will you ever not be wearing a bucket hat while playing?


11) What can we expect from you form the rest of this year?

Ideally I can make a shift to full time touring in 2018, so assuming that happens I will be making a much bigger push to be at every tournament I can be.

12) Is there anything else you would like the people to know about you that they may not?

I always want to take time to thank those that already help fund our frisbee travels and let people know that if even 25% of our subscribers committed to only $1 a month on patreon then we would be able to fund insane production quality at every single event of the year. It’s shocking how far so little would go if everyone were to participate.

I would like to thank Cory Murrell for taking time out of his day to answer my questions and letting me pick his brain. If you want to know more about him or see more on CCDG you can find them on social media and YouTube.

Picture credit goes to Cory Murrell

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