A true ambassador- Chris Thomas Q and A

One of the great things that Disc Golf companies do is make teams of ambassadors. Ambassadors are in the sport to help make the sport grow and continue to spread the word of Disc Golf. These individuals are selected because of their continued support in their community and communities around them. I got the pleasure of asking one of these ambassadors, Chris Thomas, a few questions and learning more about the sport and himself. Enjoy!

1) How did you get your start into Disc Golf?

My older brother Brad got me going with a few of his buddies. It was strictly casual at first but after I sank my first Ace with a DX Cobra things got a little more serious. Fast forward many years to 2008 when we(Brad and I) started the 3Rivers Disc Golf Club and began hosting leagues. We got in touch with the parks department, and revamped our first course. From there we earned their trust and then designed, funded and installed the city’s first 18 hole course.

2) What is it like to be an ambassador?

It’s an amazing honor to be a part of the best team of players and promoters in the game. We are our biggest asset, we have each other to lean on and learn from which constantly makes us stronger individually, and as a whole. I was an ambassador of the sport long before being given the official label. I would, quietly pick up trash, pull weeds, anything like that. Now, it is a public effort to ensure we all have a nice place to play. When we show our community that we care and come together as a group to improve things, they take notice. Otherwise, we are competing for space with other people and activities, our course may then be a soccer field or archery range one day.

3) What is your duty as an ambassador?

We are a dedicated group who put forth a tremendous amount of efforts to promote the sport, and build/maintain courses. We also help assist others in achieving those same goals whether they are school teachers, Boy Scouts, or our friends and neighbors. I’m always on the lookout for our next opportunity.

4) Are you considered pro? If so, how is it to being considered a pro?

I am. It is very humbling. Competing is very addicting to the point where you soar with the highs and drown with the lows. Fortunately there are lots of great relationships built along the way which help you make it through the best and the worst. You are always in search of that next great shot, no matter how many you may throw. The sight and feeling of the perfectly thrown shot is unmatched.

5) Who inspired you most when you began playing?

I began playing well before the YouTube age so I didn’t have one until later. I then found myself gravitating towards Mr. Avery Jenkins. He was one of the first guys that seemed to have that athlete persona, and I liked that a lot. Plus he shredded at the time making it exciting to see coverage of his game as well as his travels abroad.

6) Favorite Disc?

My bag:

Destroyer. Boss. Wraith. Thunderbird. Shryke. Daedalus. Leopard3. Sidewinder. Mako3. Roc3. Atlas. Gator. VAviar. Colt. I love them all for their given shots.

7) Favorite Course?

R.I.P. : Pendaries in NM. 😦 This was an epic golf course with lots of trees, elevation, OB, water, and deer running through manicured fairways.

8) What advice do you have for someone who wants to grow the sport?

Volunteer with your local club or get in touch with your local parks department. Inquire as to how you can make a difference, let your voice be heard but you must be willing to personally put things into action. Social media is a great tool to showcase your efforts as well.

9) How do you continue to promote the sport?

Running the 3Rivers Disc Golf Club. We hold the Outback Open yearly as well as hosting course work days in surrounding towns. My girlfriend Carla has put time in and is now running events of her own too! I have helped educate countless people on what the sport is and how to find a place to play. I wear my Innova gear 24/7 which sparks conversations all the time, plus I have that insatiable itch for competition!

10) How has Disc Golf changed your life since you’ve been growing it?

Disc Golf has allowed me to remain active as well as give me a constructive medium in life. I have gained many great friendships through volunteering and competing. Plus, it feels great being able to use your own hard work, like new tee boxes or pin locations for example.

11) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you that they may not?

I love photography! Check out my social channels, @bomber311, @ctfotomagik, and @3riversdiscgolf on Instagram. Thanks for the interview! #teaminnova #ambassadorlife #teamCBass

I would like to thank Chris for taking the time out of his day to let me ask him some questions. Please go follow him on all social media and do your part to help make the community grow!

Picture Credit goes to Chris Thomas

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