The Outdoorsman- Geoffrey McNamara Q and A

There are so many great individuals within the sport of Disc Golf who have amazing stories to tell. Someone who I recently found out about and is one of these great individuals is Geoffrey McNamara or GMAC as he is known by. He is one of few people who is a part of Team Kastaplast and is a Canadian based Disc Golfer. He was great to talk to and has some really inspiring words about Disc Golf. His responses are below! Enjoy!

1) How did you get into Disc Golf?

It was after firefighting in the interior of BC during the 2003 wildfire season, and was on a much needed break in Canmore Alberta when it was suggested that I try this game of disc golf. I threw an ace part way through the first round, and was instantly hooked on the sport. I enjoyed watching the flight of the disc as it worked its way toward the basket in the Alberta mountain town, and my addiction to both the science of flight, and disc golf was born.

2) Who inspires you to continue to play?

The inspiration to play comes from many sources. The first being, from within. I enjoy the personal challenge of improving and seeing my game ebb and flow like the tides. Even though the game has an easy learning curve, the challenge of playing a consistent tournament round is great deal of fun. The second source of inspiration comes from watching locals. Seeing the keen energy of new players trying to improve surrounds me, and reminds me to play with passion and commitment. Especially when the newer players pick it up quickly and threaten to beat you on a weekly basis! Ha. I love the local games as much as the tournaments and Pro Players I see while touring.

3) What made you want to start accepting money?

Who doesn’t love money! After a year or so of playing disc golf, I saw a posting for some unsanctioned tournaments locally. I like to compete, so I entered a few events in the Advanced Men division. Within a couple tournaments, I started placing in the payouts. Back then, Am divisions were paid, and I liked the feeling of doing well enough to get money for my efforts. Eventually, I won the Am Men’s division for the season and was told I had to “Move up” to Pro. So I did, and have been playing the Pro Divisions ever since, trying to get paid.

4) What is it like to be sponsored?

What is it like to be sponsored … wow. To have a company like Kastaplast out of Sweden believe in me enough to ask me to join their team, was truly a remarkable feeling. I’m not the best disc golfer on tour, but what I lack in game play, I make up for in personality, rumour has it. To be recognized as a good person, and ambassador for their brand, fills me with a great deal of pride and joy. Last year I was also sponsored by Redox Clothing, out of Vernon BC for the same reason. ( An amazing natural base layer that keeps me warm and comfy during the colder, damp months of the year. I highly recommend checking them out, absolutely worth their weight in gold. ) Which is truly an incredible feeling. Being the best person I can be on and off the course, is a source of inspiration to always be kind and helpful when possible. When I wear their brand, I represent their company and that is a great honour. I never take it for granted, and every day I am thankful for the continued support.

5) What is it like to be on Team Kastaplast?

To play for Team Kastaplast, is amazing. Jonas and the crew at Kastaplast have been incredibly supportive. I feel as though I am a part of something bigger where disc golf is concerned. Not only do they supply me with an incredible product to throw around the forest, they encourage me to grow on many levels. That alone, fills my soul with joy.

6) Favorite Disc?

Without a doubt, the Kastaplast Kaxe.

7) Favorite Course?

That’s a tough question. So may to choose from. Locally, Bowen Park in Nanaimo BC. After that, Milo McIvor, Oregon.

8) Do you do the regular USA touring scene or is there a Canadian tour that you do?

I have no set “route” so to speak. Every year I change it up. I love playing in BC, I know lots of people and it’s always a fun challenge to try and keep up. That said, Washington and Oregon are favourite tour states for both proximity and tournament competition. I went to Worlds in Kansas, but that was a one time deal for me. The drive was amazing.

9) What advice can you give to players who want to step up their game?

Be patient, and have fun. Putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed quickly is a detriment to progress in my opinion. Be okay with not “winning” for a while, and take your time to learn the routine of quality over quantity when it comes to practice. 30 quality drives/approach/putts will bring you more success than 100 of each with poor technique. With this, comes confidence. Slow is smooth, smooth is far/accurate. When you feel confident, you play WITH confidence, and this will bring you more success in the long run. Be supportive to yourself and others on the course. We all love to trash talk from time to time, that can be fun and entertaining for sure. However, if you see someone struggling with technique, help them. This will help you also as it makes you slow down, and take notice of the finer points of disc flight.

10) What can we expect from you going into the 2018 season?

Shenanigans of some sort likely. I will be trying to attend events as much as possible, what that schedule looks like, I am unsure at this time. I will likely host a few clinics, and help build the Kastaplast brand. 2017 was a rehab year for me after suffering a significant knee injury ( torn meniscus ) in late 2016, so I look forward to coming out stronger in the 2018 season.

11) If you weren’t Disc Golfing, what would you be doing?

That’s easy. Photography, and living the gypsy life in my truck. I love being outside, and experiencing this amazing country I call home, Canada.

12) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you that they may not?

I am sure there is lots people do not know about me, as I tend to be quite private in general. That said, even though I curse them frequently with great conviction, I do in fact love trees.

I would like to thank Geoffrey McNamara for letting me interview him and ask him these questions. If you would like to know more about him, you can find him on all forms of social media and on his team sites as well! Also check out Kastaplast and Redox Clothing!

Picture credit goes to Geoffrey McNamara

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