PNW Hometown Hero 2- John Anderson Q and A

Time for another installment of the PNW Hometown Hero! This time around I got the chance to interview John Anderson who is the WA state PDGA coordinator. He had a lot of knowledge regarding the NW and how the sport is growing as well as insights in the world of the PDGA. Give it a look see and enjoy!

1) How did you get your start with Disc Golf?

A school friend of mine lived near a Disc Golf course. I went to his house, he handed me a disc and we started playing.

2) How did you get involved in the PDGA?

I first signed up for the PDGA right before my first tournament. I became Washington State coordinator when I found out Mike Rideout was stepping down and I thought I could get the job done.

3) How do you think the sport is growing in the NW?

I think the sport is growing quite well. I really have nothing to compare it to, but the amount of courses increase every year. The amount of events have inreased. And the overall public knowledge of the sport has increased. (I no longer have to say “Frisbee Golf”, people usually know what a Disc and Basket is)

Lacey WA is a great example. Woodland Creek Disc Golf course is 4 years old that was put in by a club that had 15 members. It was built as a beginner friendly course and introduced the game of disc golf to hundreds of people. Our club now has 140 members. The Parks Department thinks the activity is great and looks forward to building more courses.

4) Do you see a major tour stop coming to WA sometime in the near future?

For the forseeable future, the most biggest stop for WA will always the event that proceeds the Beaver State Fling. The NW location, makes it hard for a tour to come this way more than once a year. It would be great to have two NTs in this area, but it is not likely. There is major competition to become an NT.

5) How would you describe what you do within the PDGA for the NW?

I research google maps. 🙂 My main duty is make sure there are no date conflicts for events. Currently, most events are not close enough, or have a high enough tier to make a conflict. The PDGA set Radius Standards that different tiered events have to so far apart. All A tiers and above are approved by the PDGA. I approve B and C tiers. So far there hasn’t been too many times I had to ask a TD to reschedule their event. Most of the time TDs do not want to compete with other events.

6) How do you try and grow the sport?

I organize events and clinics. I am WA PDGA State Coordinator. I am a board member of our local disc golf club. I go to Parks Department meetings. There is a very good chance I’ll be Shelton High Schools Disc Golf Advisor in March 2018. I’ll be running a Disc Golf tournament for the Washington State Senior Games. I organize and participate in work parties. (Last year we planted over 100 reclaimed Chistmas Trees @ Woodland Creek)

7) What does a day in the life for you look like?

I have a 9-5 job working for Bliss Kiss. They produce and sell nail and skin products. I have 6 year old son that is in 1st grade. I make sure he gets ready for school and get him on the bus. After work I head home and help with dinner and play with Nixon. When he heads up to bed I peruse everything that is Disc Golf on my computer.

8) Favorite Disc?

Discraft Z MRV – The best Midrange disc nobody throws. 🙂

9) Favorite Course?

All Time? – Milo McIver
Within 30 min? – Shelton

10) Anything you would like people to know about you that they may not?

I’m from Minnesota originally and have lived in Washington for almost 8 years. I’ve played Disc Golf for 23 years and the best part of the game is the people I’ve met.

I would like to thank John for letting me ask him these questions and having some great responses as well! I am glad he is here for my home state and my home region as well. Be on the look out for more Hometown Heroes coming soon!

Picture credit goes to John Anderson

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