Infinite Discs- Alan Baker Q and A

There are a lot of different kinds of companies within Disc Golf. One of the largest and most popular companies in the Disc Golf community is Infinite Discs. Infinite Discs is a huge website and is one of the most trusted brands in Disc Golf. With that, I got the chance to talk to Alan Baker who is the owner of the company. He was a pleasure to talk to and gave some great depth into Infinite and what he is all about. Enjoy!

1) How did you get into Disc golf?

I played a few times while living in Arizona and Texas in the early 2000’s, but never really started to play regularly until a course was built near my in laws house in 2011. I started playing with my father in law and got hooked.

2) Who inspires you to continue to play?

It’s just fun to play and is an easy way to get exercise. Working with so many disc golfers, and being involved with tournaments nearly every weekend makes it easy to play regularly.

3) How did Infinite get its start?

Prior to Infinite discs, I made websites for real estate agents. As a side project, one of my employees and I decided to make a review website, basically just to give us the excuse to try and buy new plastic. It took off really quickly so we looked for a way to monetize it. Before we knew it Infinite Discs was born.

4) Is there a special meaning behind Infinite discs?

With so many different disc options and plastic types, Infinite just seemed like a good name. I actually got the idea from my cousin who owns a bike shop called “Infinite Cycle”

5) Favorite Disc?

I try every new disc and am always switching what’s in the bag. I’d say the one constant since it first came out is the Dynamic Discs Justice. I still have my orange justice

6) Favorite course?

The Cache County Fairgrounds was my favorite course before it got reduced to 9 holes last year. We have a really fun pay to play at Sherwood Hills Golf course that was just permanently installed last year that is a must play.

7) What can we expect from Infinite in 2018?

From Infinite we have lots of exciting things in the works for 2018. Our mobile scorecard app will finally be complete for both Android and IOS which offer lots of neat features for keeping track of your stats and improving your disc golf game. Players can work on their “Infinite Rating” while playing recreational rounds which is very similar to the PDGA rating. We have a tournament feature that will be released where anyone can run leagues or simple tournaments and players where receive automatic payout in Infinite Gift cards. We will be expanding our inventory to more than 50,000 discs including lots of exclusive stamps and plastics that can’t be purchased from anywhere else.

8) What does it take to get onto Infinite discs team?

We are looking for upstanding people that grow the sport and will work to represent Infinite Discs while doing it.

9) What makes Infinite different than other companies?

Our focus began on making the best website in disc golf. It is a custom website rather than a standard retail website then converted to accommodate discs. Our advanced disc search, new inventory alert features, disc reviews, player profiles, and tournament management system are unlike anything else out there. The detailed disc information and pictures of every disc also give us an advantage over most other online retailers, and we carry more brands and more inventory than anyone else.

10) What does Infinite discs do to help grow the sport?

In addition to all the other stuff mentioned in the previous questions, we run and sponsor hundreds of tournaments, clinics, and charity events. In January we also run the “State of Disc Golf” survey where we compile useful information about disc golf and how it is changing that we publish on our blog

11) What advice can you give someone who wants to start their own company just like Infinite?

Don’t try starting a disc golf business unless you have a healthy savings account and don’t mind working for free for several years.

12) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you or Infinite that they may not?

We have a great staff with five full time and three part time employees. To find out more about us, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our Newsletter to learn about us and what we do for disc golf.

I would like to thank Alan for letting me talk to him and pick his brain on his life and about Infinite. If you would like to know more about infinite, you can find them online and through social media! Look out for more on the way!

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