Making it happen- Daniel Runnvik Q and A

With all the media going to events there are bound to be names on videos that you may not recognize right off of the bat. One of these individuals was Daniel Runnvik who was shown in CCDG’s coverage of the WTO at the beginning of this year. He showed that he is a true competitor and showed well at the event. He was gracious enough to answer my questions and he has a great story! Enjoy!

1) How did you get your start into Disc Golf?

My tattoo artist and friend, Mikael Persson, dragged me to the local course in Falun, Sweden one rainy autumn day back in 2011. I, as most others, though that “throwing a frisbee” couldn’t be that hard but little did I know. Despite the weather, I got hooked immediately, and have played all year around since. I have always been jealous of the never-ending summers in SoCal, so it feels great to be here now.

2) Who or what inspires you to continue to play?

My biggest drive to go play is to get out in nature and get away from daily stress, and all the beautiful courses and interesting people you get to see and meet.

3) What is it like to be sponsored?

I have not represented a company since I was on Prodigy’s Street Team in 2016. I didn’t feel like my game was affected by it but being on a team can be inspiring and make you put in those extra practice sessions. And the feeling of being part of a Team is probably what I miss the most.

4) What is it like to be on Team Innova?

Referring to the previous question, I’m not on Team Innova. I guess some might believe that, after watching WTO when I played in an Innova shirt and CentralCoastDG put an Innova logo by my name in the video. I do play 99% Innova and Discmania, so it would be an honor to represent them.

5) What made you want to go pro?

Playing in the Pro division was solely a psychological decision. I believe that if you strive to become the best you can be, you have to compete with the best. For some it works the other way around, to play AM longer.

6) Favorite Disc?

P-Line MD3, Orc, and Destroyer.

7) Favorite Course?

Järva Discgolfpark, Golden Gate Park, and my home course Åsbo in Falun.

8) What can we expect from you in 2018?

As my priorities now lies on my studies, I have no big plans or goals at the moment. I’ll be focusing on building up my physical strength.

9) What do you think you do to help grow the sport?

I always try to encourage and support the younger players, as they are the future. By doing this we can build a more serious image of our sport, one that attracts more players.

10) What has been your favorite memory within Disc Golf so far?

One of the best is definitely Pro Worlds 2016 in Emporia, KA. Dynamic Discs are really bringing the town together and creating a complete disc golf experience. Go for Glass blown Open if you have the opportunity.

11) Where do you normally do your tour?

I moved to California last summer and haven’t had much time because of my studies. But back in Sweden I mainly play two regional tours, Origo Touren and Mälartouren.

12) What are some goals for this year heading into the start of the season?

My goals at the moment is to take advantage of the weather here in SoCal, by getting in shape and form to be able to perform when I go back to Sweden for 2,5 months in mid-June.

13) What advice can you give someone who wants to step up their game?

Train. There are no shortcuts! And by that I mean technical, physical, and mental training. Do something every day.

14) Is there anything else you would like people to know about you that they may not?

Not personally about me but if you want to do something, make it happen! Don’t sit around waiting for something to happen to you.

I would like to thank Daniel for taking the time out of his day to answer my questions and for letting me ask him questions in general. If you would like to know more about Daniel you can find him on Instagram at @karldanieldg. Look our for more coming soon!

Picture credit goes to Daniel Runnvik

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