Man on a mission- Jordan Castro


In recent videos put out by Dynamic Discs you can see a common individual other than Robert McCall. That individual is Jordan Castro, a disc bombing machine from the great state of Minnesota. Jordan has been making a name for himself over the past few years and has been showing that he is a force to be reckoned with. I got the opportunity to talk with Jordan and learn his story over a short phone call. So, get to learn about Jordan Castro and as always, enjoy!

Jordan’s start to his disc golf journey follows a path that many have taken, he found out about the sport through a friend. Jordan told me “one of the kids I grew up with asked me one day, ‘you want to play a game?’ and so I agreed to it.” What Jordan didn’t know at the time was what game they would exactly be playing. He went on to say, “He gave me a couple discs and I thought it would be so hard, but I went out and played and got hooked from there.” He found his way out to the course and fought through his nerves to eventually grow to love the game. A fun fact added to this was “my first round out on our course I saw a local pro throw an ace and was amazed that someone could do that.” Seeing an ace happen on your first round is uncommon and very special, I am jealous that Jordan got to see one as well as get to know the pro for years to come. Finding inspiration to continue to play the sport is often tricky for some people. Some people need a reason and Jordan’s is simple “just watching a disc fly keeps me going.” There is no real way to describe what it feels like to watch a disc fly down a fairway after a great shot. Jordan also mentioned that “I have always been super competitive, and I have been a huge baseball fan and player, and the correlation between the two is really helpful.”  Taking his previous skills and molding them into disc golf has been a goal for Jordan and something he uses to his advantage when playing. In the end his motivations are simple, and a basic flying disc is what keeps him going day in and day out.

Making the leap into the professional scene of disc golf is one that should not be taken lightly. For Jordan the path to becoming a professional was long and tedious but ultimately worth the trials and tribulations. Jordan explained that “in 2011 I got my PDGA membership and played a few tournaments here and there, I would get last and wouldn’t cash for a long time.” He eventually realized he needed to take things slow and work things out in his game. He told me “in 2012-2013 I got into leagues and tournaments more and really slowed my game down and learned from there.” This is where he started to pick up steam for his game, by taking his time he began to grow as a disc golfer and began to understand how it worked. From there he told me “in 2013-14 I was starting to move up advanced and then in 2014 I was moving up the rankings in general.” So, he started to take control of his game and finally he decided he wanted to move to the open division. He said, “in 2015 the competition was weak in advanced and I needed a challenge, so I moved up, I then won my first three events in the open division that year.” A huge step to take but he took it in stride and started to gain his momentum in the years to come. He also said that while he was doing all of this “I lost 100 pounds within my first year of disc golf.” Which is an accomplishment in itself and the work he has done to lose weight has shown as he continues to grow as a player and person.

Jordan is currently sponsored by Dynamic Discs and could not say anything bad about the company and team. Jordan told me “it is a true honor, we all have the same passion and I feel like I fit in and there are plenty of people with a lot of potential on this team.” Jordan was not always sponsored by Dynamic Discs, but he stayed within the trilogy family. He said that “I was sponsored by Latitude 64 from 2013-2014, and in 2018 I came back, and I have felt more confident and have been able to reconnect with those Latitude guys.” It is hard to leave a company but, luckily for Jordan he joined a sister company which made the transition a lot easier. He has been sponsored for quite some time and has built a great group of friends throughout his years on the teams he has been on. He wanted me to tell the group about DD and his group is that “these guys are all of my true friends and we are here to get back to you. It doesn’t have to be about disc golf, just anything and we will try to get back to you.” Which is great to hear about professionals like Jordan. He truly wants to give back to the community and help anyone out that he can.

Having a bomber of an arm like Jordan means that the world is your oyster when it comes to disc selection. But he could not just choose a single disc, which is hard to do. Jordan explained that for a driver “it is the Enforcer, before I was with latitude, I threw the force a lot because I was a big hyzer flip guy.” He went on to say that “I have three or four of them in my bag because I need that OS consistency in my bag.” I have thrown an enforcer and I agree that it is for big arms because that disc is OS and is perfect for big hyzer flip shots. For his second choice he told me “it would have to be the fuse, super controllable with an under stable flight. It will tell you what you did wrong.” I just put the fuse into my bag, and I think it is the perfect mid-range for anyone to use in their bag. It is very under-stable and a disc that Jordan uses often and to the best of his ability. When it comes to his favorite course it is one that I have recently played and one that is nationally known. He told me that “my favorite is Milo in Oregon, it is just a special moment. It is a mile to drive in, big wide open with trees and reminds me of home.” Milo is something special indeed and Jordan is not wrong. The course is tucked away in a state park and is worth the trip if you can make it out there.

2019 has begun and the season is just a couple short weeks away. With that, professionals begin to prep for the season ahead of them and Jordan is no different. So, when asked about what 2019 brings him he told me that “it is going to be a bigger year, I am more motivated and more determined to play better.” Which is exciting to hear coming from someone like Jordan, he wants this year to be his year. He went on by saying “I am going to be playing and touring full time this year and potentially with a buddy of mine.” Touring is no simple task and the ability to do it full time is a big step and one up against the competition throughout the year. He finished by saying “I am also out there to practice more which I couldn’t do with my full-time job, I have also just been reading up and getting my mind ready for the upcoming season.” The mental game has been a focus for Jordan this off season which is such a critical part of the game. The focus for Jordan in 2019 is going to be huge and it be seen throughout the season.

Growing the sport is often a challenge for some to accomplish. Jordan helps grow the sport in various ways while he plays. He told me that one of the things he does is “just have a positive attitude both on and off the course.” Which is something that not a lot of people tend to focus on. It is easy to have a positive attitude while off the course, but while playing it can be challenge and Jordan really focuses on it. One of the biggest things that Jordan has done over the years is worked out and lost a ton of weight. He explains that “the whole fitness thing has been inspiring for those who are trying to lose weight and change their lives like I did, and those people continue to motive me to continue to play.” While that may not grow the sport, it is a by-product of his dis golf career and he wants others to play to lose weight and live healthier lives. It is something that is not talked about enough within the sport about how the sport is beneficial to your health but that is something Jordan emphasizes. Jordan also wanted to give a hint into 2019 by saying “I got a lot of media stuff for Christmas. So, look out for days in the life with me, lots of blogs, big things for 2019.”  Which he looks to help grow the sport through his vast social media growth into 2019. So be on the lookout for Jordan to be posting more videos this coming year.

Jordan’s advice was pretty straight and to the point which I think is good to have within disc golf. He told me “the focus, time, and determination are what needs to be there. If you want to get better, you need to take the time to get better and actually practice.” You need to be able to have a focus to what you are doing, and you always need to remember that. Jordan knows that it takes more then just going to do it, you need to actually focus on it when you play. But he also wanted to say that “make it fun and make it interesting but don’t forget to have a focus to the match and game.” It is okay to have fun, but it needs to be a concentrated effort if you want to improve. If you do not, then just go for it and not worry about focusing on the things while you play. One way to do this, he explained, is “set up bets and make it competitive, the shots will improve while playing.” He uses this example because often using a sense of competition will force players to play to a higher level and make them focus. I think it is a great idea to add this into your games, the bests don’t have to be big but enough to force a little competitive nature.

There are a lot of ways people can take the last question that I ask them. It often stumps the individual, so, I give them some time to think and not worry about answering the question right away. With that, Jordan had these parting words to say to you all “Living in Minnesota is tough to play year-round, so I get to play from February to October. Those other months I focus on offseason training. I ask myself what I need to work on. I bring my basket inside to putt and I putt daily. Usually I spend most of my time in the gym focusing on my body for the upcoming season. Every November is when I start my off-season training where I run 3-6 miles every single day. This off season is the hardest I have trained in my life. I am dedicated and motivated more than I have ever been. I want to be in the best shape I can be so I can play and look the best while on/off the course. I am officially down 30 pounds this off season which brings me to 190 pounds in the last three years.”

I would like to thank Jordan for taking the time out of his day to answer my questions and for letting me ask him questions in general. If you would like to know more about Jordan you can follow him on Instagram @jordan_castro1 as well as if you want to support him through purchasing one of his sweet burst Fuzion Enforcers you can find them here: Look out for more coming soon!

Picture credit to Jordan Castro

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