Giving Back- Peter McBride


A year or so ago I got the chance to ask Peter some questions and never really got to write a proper story about him. Since his recent change to Dynamic Discs I figured it was as good as time as ever to truly give him the story and article he deserves. So, with that, down below is a great story about a great person, enjoy!

Starting out in the sport comes at many ages for people. Some people got introduced to it while in college or high school. But, Peter’s career in the sport started at a young age. He told me “in 5th grade we use to throw frisbee at cones all the time, and I knew there was a course near my house.” That is a young time to start disc golf, however, the sport is reaching a younger and younger audience. He began to want to play near his course but didn’t quite know how to. He said, “my mom bought me my first set of discs and I haven’t stopped playing since that day.” Which is great, he hasn’t looked back and has reached such a high caliber level of disc golf since that day.

Inspiration is in all forms and often comes from the people around us. It can be difficult to play disc golf from time to time so sometimes you need a person to pick you up when you need it. Peter has a couple of those individuals around him all the time. He told me “one of the groups that inspired me is the scene in California and the local crushers.” Watching the local crushers huck plastic for what seems like forever is what you need especially when you play at a young age. As well as growing in California has shown Peter some of the best disc golf the country has to offer, and he loves every minute of it. The biggest person that inspires Peter would have to be “my mom, she drove me to all my tournaments, and I am so grateful for that.” His mom is a huge influence in his life and has his back no matter what. He couldn’t talk enough about how much his mom means to him and how much she truly helped him early in his career.

Peter was doing very well in the amateur scene, so the next natural progression was to move up to the professional side of the game. He told me “I ended up winning an am masters cup and then the next weekend I got 12th at the professional weekend.” Which is a crazy leap from one weekend to another. Wining the AM weekend is one thing but going to the next weekend and placing 12th is so much more difficult then people realize. When talking about his card on that professional weekend he said, “I was on the fence during the final card to accept cash. I payed my final round with Brinster, Owens, and Anthony.”  That is a star-studded card and could be a daunting card to be with when you are the youngest and newest player to the professional scene. But Peter cashed out and went on to play the open division since that weekend.

Peter is now sponsored by Dynamic Discs formerly of Legacy discs. Switching sponsors can be a tough task but Peter has taken his switch in strides and has started to become a part of the family that is Dynamic Discs. When talking about DD Peter said “it is great, everyone is very friendly and very welcoming to your needs. It is a pretty solid family.” The DD family has welcomed Peter with open arms, and he has been growing his relationships since being with DD. Playing for a tram like that is such a necessity while touring and Peter has enjoyed it and excelled with it. He also told me that “it feels good knowing that someone believes in you and your skill and that have your back and thinks you are a good enough player.” You always need someone there for you and DD is there for Peter. It is great to see a company take in new players and treat them as though they have been with them for years.

Switching companies can often cause difficulty with disc selection and will have players looking for discs that suite there needs like a former disc did. So, when asking for a favorite disc and course I had a feeling Peter would have some difficulty with the disc choice. But to my surprise he knew his answer right away. He told me that “I am really liking the Emac truth, I can pretty much shape any shot with it, and it will hold any line.” The Emac is the mid that I hear more about than any other disc in the DD line up. With good reason, it seems to be the go-to mid for any sponsored player or fan of DD. It is also great to see Peter already have a decision on a favorite and is getting used to the DD lineup. When it comes to his favorite course, I figured it would be a California course since there are so many great ones near him and within the state. The course he chose was Hillcrest Farm on Prince Edward Island in Canada. He told me that “it has lots of par 4’s and challenging par 3’s, reminds me of lake Tahoe golf. It has every shot.” IT is uncommon to see someone not from Canada to choose a course within it, but Peter loves it. He loves a challenging course that requires you to think and Hillcrest Farms brings that in spades for him.

Peter really enjoys growing the sport and does it in a way that I have not seen many professionals let alone players do, he gives away discs. He told me that “I really like giving away discs, it is my favorite thing to do.” Players give discs away to beginners all the time, but the reason why is what made me think about it even more. He said that “if you give a beginner a disc that works for them that’s brand new and see their face light up, that is a one of a kind feeling.” I had never thought about that feeling, I always just wanted to help out a newer player. But when Peter put it into words it made sense and showed how much Peter really does care about this sport. He went on to add “once they get a new disc then they’ll bring their friends out to play and it’s the little things like that that matter, I just love giving away plastic to those who need it.” A chain reaction is all Peter needs and is something that the sport needs as well. Growing the sport by giving is such a great way to do it and Peter enjoys every minute of it.

When asked about advice Peter had some solid ideas but one stuck out with him. He old me “putting, just focus mentally and physically on putting. Building up the muscle memory of putting and throwing a disc into the chains.” Putting is such a pivotal part of the game and Peter advocates for proper practice for it over anything else. When practicing Peter mentioned that “only focus on one aspect at a time and build the muscle memory to be successful.” It is important to not rush through technique and to take the time to practice properly. He wants to make sure that proper form and focus will help over continuous reps with bad form. He finished his advice by saying “anyone can get it close but it’s whether or not they sink it is what matters.” I could not agree more and think that Peter has sound advice through and through and is worth following with your game.

Since I have spoken with Peter before he did not have a ton to leave me with, but he did have some little things to finish off our conversation with and let the people know about. He wanted to say that “playing catch is such a good thing and playing catch is one of the things I love doing. Playing catch is what got me started and I enjoy doing it. I also want people to know that I am going to out this year and play my best disc golf and hit it hard towards the end of season. My goal is to get my rating to 1020 and maintain it.”

I would like to thank Peter for taking the time out of his day to let me ask him questions and talk to me in general. If you would like to know more about Peter you can find him on Instagram @petermcbride_ or on Facebook at : and as always, be on the lookout for more coming from me soon!

Picture credit goes to Alyssa Van Lanen

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