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Dynamic Discs. One of the biggest disc golf companies in the world. A company with a star-studded team of players, podcasts like Disc Golf Answer Man, and a slew of big tournaments to their name. And at the center of it all is one man. That man is Jeremy Rusco. He began the journey many years ago to take on the task of growing a disc golf company. Jeremy Rusco is the creator and CEO of Dynamic Discs and has brought the company from a simple online retailer to the Dynamic Discs we all know today. He has a wealth of knowledge to give you about the company and how it all began. Check it out down below and enjoy!

Jeremy’s start in disc golf wasn’t as quick as many of ours. While in college, Jeremy played on the football team. He told me, “There was a guy on the team who always wanted to take us out. So, one day we got a group together and he showed us the ropes.” They went out and played a round and got hooked. But they ran into a problem that many young athletes face: finding time for hobbies. Jeremy continued, “We didn’t have time to really play so we got out to the course occasionally.” Several years later, he moved to Emporia, Kansas, and his love for the game was rekindled. He explained, “The house I lived in was full of football players and we found a way to play in between classes and practices.” From then on out, he played as often as he could and developed a lifelong love for the game that has never left him. While playing then just as he does now, he finds inspiration, not always in the competition, but in some of the simpler things. To explain he told me, “I find inspiration through the friendship and the fun of the sport. While I was once very competitive in tournament play, I have shifted direction and simply play for the enjoyment of things. To put it simply, just making sure the discs still fly.” Friendship is what started his love for disc golf, and he loves building those relationships. The love of the game is what brings him to do what he does for the sport and that is great to see from someone who owns a company like Dynamic Discs.

The history behind the company could be an article all on its own. Dynamic Discs didn’t start right out of the gate building the discs you know today. The company was an online retailer and primarily sold through the Dynamic Discs eBay store. Jeremy told me, “2005 was when we started getting competitive on the course and saw a difference in cheap versus expensive plastic. I realized that if I were to buy discs in quantity on eBay, we could save about $5 a disc.” Slowly but surely Jeremy started to realize the potential of buying discs in bulk. By doing this, he could maximize his profit and become a known entity within the disc golf buying world. While buying and selling he told me “I started to build up an inventory of discs and eventually came up with the name ‘Dynamic Discs’ to launch the eBay store as a college hobby in the attic of my house. In the late 70s-80s there was an original Dynamic Disc, but they had changed names to Destiny Disc, so and/or Dynamic Discs was not taken.” Jeremy and company decided to build an online store and build a reputation. They continued to build that reputation until they wanted to make a change in their brand. They wanted to build their own discs and become something bigger than just a retailer. Jeremy explained that “we had a pretty good following and were doing really well. But we got tired of hearing no from other manufacturers. So, we partnered with Latitude 64 towards the end of 2012 to manufacture discs for us and the rest is history.” After partnering with Latitude 64 they began to build the Dynamic Discs brand and move towards their own discs rather than selling others. From then on, they became the company they are today.

With an entire company at your disposal, it has to be hard to choose a favorite disc. It’s no surprise that Jeremy has many discs he loves and decided to break his favorites down into several categories. He told me, “Driver is the Getaway, mid-range is the EMAC Truth, and putter is the Deputy. Classic Blend plastic for the Deputy and Fuzion for the EMAC and Getaway.” Those three discs are great choices from Dynamic Discs lineup and should be wonderful options for both new and older players alike. When it comes to his favorite course, Emporia, KS is surrounded by several amazing courses. After giving it some thought, he decided, “Peter Pan would be my favorite. The history of the park and the nice mix of trees and technical shots make it amazing.” Peter Pan is a great course in Kansas and one of the many local courses to Jeremy. Having seen a lot of footage from the course over the years, it’s not surprising that it is so highly regarded.

2019 has already been a very big year for Dynamic Discs, the Raider has seen a lot of love from Dynamic Discs sponsored professionals and sold out so fast upon release that the Dynamic Discs website struggled to keep up with the flood of orders. The Guard has also found its way into many players’ bags as a go-to choice for a putter. But even with the early success of those releases, there is so much more to come for Dynamic Discs.

To start, Jeremy had to say about the many changes we saw in the offseason in regard to player sponsorship, “It has been the biggest shakeup for disc golf. It is really exceptional to see the DD family stay put and grow as a company.”  With all the switching teams this past year, it seems as though team DD stayed steadfast with their team, which is great for DD looking towards the future. Having a core group of players will allow them to grow as individuals as well as grow the team. He went on to say, “We are going into 2019 with the same mentality to simply be encouraging and to get someone new out to the course to play disc golf for the first time.” Simple ideas like that are what helps the sport grow in a positive direction. Taking a mindset like that into 2019 will help grow the sport leaps and bounds. He finished off by saying, “We are also continuing to grow the media side of things and installing disc golf courses across the country.” Simple goals but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t bigger plans in the works. There seems to always be something new coming out from Dynamic Discs, and it will be exciting to see what 2019 has in store for the disc golf community. Growing the sport is something that Jeremy takes pride in and wants to be a part of.

Getting the word about disc golf out there is what a lot of people need to do. Jeremy wants to have Dynamic Discs use a platform to get discs into new player’s hands and grow the sport at a rapid pace. Jeremy wants to build on the reputation of the sport and grow it into other media groups. He explained, “We want to get disc golf on more mainstream media like Fox Sports, ESPN, etc. We also see that sponsorship’s are going to increase, and we want to help our players build a living from being a touring pro.” Getting the sport onto bigger media outlets is something that you can see more and more. It seems like each week there is a new disc golf story being posted on ESPN or some other sports network. Also, making the sport feel legitimized through bigger contracts is something that will do wonders for the sport. Jeremy wants this to be the norm and is taking steps to move in that direction.

Having played disc golf for quite some time and being surrounded by professionals, Jeremy can certainly provide some good advice for lovers of the sport. To start, he told me, “You need to diversify who you play with. Get involved with your local league.” Playing with all kinds of players is something most don’t realize can help. You will be able to see how they play the game and learn some things you may not have thought of originally.

While playing with others Jeremy also advised that, “You can learn a lot from YouTube and the endless amount of knowledge from there and the internet in general.” The internet has become a vast knowledge base for disc golf. There are countless instructional videos and things to watch when it comes to the sport, and Dynamic Discs is the leader of the pack in that department. Many disc golfers would tell you that they have the largest online presence of any manufacturer. The last thing Jeremy wanted to say was, “Getting involved in tournaments whether it’s sanctioned or not will be super helpful. Also, just go out and practice.” Jeremy wants everyone to just go play. Play in events, join a league, and hone your craft.

Every time I get the chance to interview somebody, I ask for some parting words. I never know what, or how much somebody has to say, but Jeremy certainly delivered. Jeremy wanted to finish with this: “Disc golf has brought my family together and I even hired my brother. My parents moved to Emporia and it really brought us together. I want to thank the disc golf community for bringing me in, and I want to say that I want to give back to the disc golf community in every way possible. I am also very grateful for the staff here and for being a part of disc golf. It has been an incredible journey; it’s a fun industry and community to be a part of. We all have so much passion and love for the game and every disc golfer is so helpful. We are all very blessed and fortunate to be a part of it.”

I would like to thank Jeremy for taking the time out of his day to answer my questions. If you would like to know more about Jeremy, you can find him on Instagram @jeremyrusco. If you would like to learn more about Dynamic Discs you can find them on Facebook at:, online at: and on YouTube at:

Picture Credit to Dynamic Discs and Jeremy Rusco

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