Gentle Giant- Sias Elmore


Becoming a name to be remembered this year, Sias Elmore has shown to be a force to be reckoned with on the course. Maintaining lead cards at events and not backing down when things get tough have become his signature style as the season progresses. I got the opportunity to chat with Sias and learn all about him and what makes him tick. I learned very quickly that he is not only large in stature, but large in personality as well. Get the chance to learn about Sias down below and enjoy his story, you will not regret it!

For many disc golfers, the obsession with the sport tends to build over time. That wasn’t the case for Sias. He began, “My friends and I were bored one day and one of their sisters had mentioned something about a disc golf course nearby.” Sias knew very little about the game, but he and his friends decided to give it a shot anyways. He continued, “we went out and walked around the course and after that we began to play super casually.” What started as a way to spend an afternoon, quickly turned into an obsession. Sias admits that “we all had super addictive personalities and we eventually played more and more.” From then on it became a regular occurrence for them to go out to the course. Finding his way to the sport wasn’t hard and continuing to play hasn’t been difficult either. When it comes to his inspiration, Sias says, “I just enjoy it, I like to pursue the sport. I play to win.” He found his competitive nature really began to grow while playing disc golf. “I am pretty competitive with a lot of things and I really enjoy winning and really enjoy doing it.” It’s that competitive drive that keeps him on the course, grinding his way to lead cards, and top finishes in tournaments.

With that competitive spirit inside of him, he decided to play more leagues and events. He told me “I only played amateur events for a year and I only played a few events at that. I wanted to play, and I wanted to compete.” Early on in his career, he almost jumped right into the professional ranks. After only a few amateur events, he realized he was good enough to play against better competition. He says, “I didn’t win anything, but I was close enough to open to move up and give some people a run for their money.” He wanted to compete, that’s it. He felt as though he could dominate locally and make people know who he was. After those few events and that one year he made the move to open. Since then he has become a 1000+ rated player and never looked back.

2019 has been the year of the shake-ups involving players switching teams. With this, Sias moved from DGA over to MVP. When talking about being sponsored in general Sias said, “being a sponsored player is so great. It wasn’t that long until I started to take my game more seriously and want to be at the next level. It’s cool to get there and actually feel like I made it.” being sponsored is something that many want and most simply can’t achieve. But Sias made his mind up; this was the path he wanted to go down. He was going to be a professional. First with DGA and now with MVP, Sias has enjoyed the journey and has made it his own since he got sponsored his few years ago. When talking about MVP Sias told me “Team MVP has not been around for very long, but it has been fantastic. The team is great, and I am so excited to try all of this new high-end technology.” Even with the short amount of time he has been with Team MVP he is finding his stride and finding out how much MVP has to offer.

Picking favorites for Sias was quick and easy. When it comes to his favorite disc, he said that “I would still say that it’s the DGA breaker. It is something that is hard to replace. It is still pretty unique to its shot.” It comes as no surprise that Sias picked a disc that he had become so accustomed to throwing. I expected him to select an MVP disc, but, given the short amount of time he has been throwing MVP plastic, I certainly understand. The DGA Breaker is a putter that is unlike a lot of other putters on the market. Once he gets used to the discs in his bag, I expect he will quickly fall in love with many of the offerings from MVP. Earlier in the year Sias did well at The Memorial, and it should come as no surprise. He told me that “My favorite course would have to be the course at Fountain Hills. It has this really unique public park feel, it’s all really nice and manicured.” The course at Fountain Hills is one of the more notable ones on tour and is a great course all around. Since it is his favorite it was great to see him perform so well there this year. He continued with “once you get out of the park it is all cacti and desert. There is a whole bunch going on besides the course.” The course for the most part is gorgeous, but there are some dry desert spots as well. These parts contrast the fountain hills we all know and see and Sias loves every minute he gets to play on that course.

Looking towards the 2019 season, Sias has some goals and ideas but nothing crazy. He told me “I will be traveling around, probably not as much as last year. Mostly the big stuff and some local events but really just a lot of golf.” Not a van tour like some, but still traveling to the major events as the year plays out.

Sias is not the most vocal player but he still tries to grow the sport just like any other player. Growth is something that any new sport needs, but disc golf seems to really make that a priority unlike many others. Sias told me, “I want to give hope to people who aren’t in great shape to be professional athletes.” Now, Sias is a larger man and in his eyes, he is not as athletic as he may want to be. But he is just as good as an athlete as any other professional disc golfer. He is still a professional through and through. He continued by saying “I just have fun and try to show that and bring people with me. I don’t want to be the guy that was a jerk the whole round.” Sometimes it just takes having fun to make a sport look more interesting to others. Sias makes the sport fun for everyone and that is something that everyone needs to get behind.

The world of disc golf is full of media outlets giving out advice and professionals everywhere always have their secret. Well Sias has some secrets of his own and he told me, “Don’t be afraid to try different things, whether it’s your throws or form. Anything can be a spark for you to get better.” Sometimes it takes trying something new to make you think that the original idea was wrong. Often, we get so used to just practicing our form and maybe trying to switch it up will help. The other piece of advice from Sias was “practice until you hate it and then keep going until you like it again.” Sias knows that practice is the key and sometimes you have to do it more than you want to.

I have to go on record and say that this was the longest conversation I have had with anybody I have interviewed and had no idea what Sias was going to end with. To finish off our talk Sias wanted to let you all know, “even if I don’t look approachable I am. People should never be afraid to come up to me and talk to me. That kind of thing means more to me than anything else within disc golf. It is so surreal that people want to talk to me. I love when people come up to me and ask for autographs, it is my favorite thing and I will sign it no matter what.”

I would like to thank Sias for taking the time out of his day to let me ask him these questions and for answering them as well. If you would like to see more about Sias you can find him on Instagram @_siasquatch_ as well as on Facebook at: Thank you again and be on the lookout for more coming from me soon!

Picture credit goes to Alyssa Van Lanen and DGPT

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