Gentle Giant- Sias Elmore

Becoming a name to be remembered this year, Sias Elmore has shown to be a force to be reckoned with on the course. Maintaining lead cards at events and not backing down when things get tough have become his signature style as the season progresses. I got the opportunity to chat with Sias and learn... Continue Reading →

Mr. Dynamic- Jeremy Rusco

Dynamic Discs. One of the biggest disc golf companies in the world. A company with a star-studded team of players, podcasts like Disc Golf Answer Man, and a slew of big tournaments to their name. And at the center of it all is one man. That man is Jeremy Rusco. He began the journey many... Continue Reading →

GRIP6- Kevin Rogers

For years, when disc golfers have thought about on the course clothing, rarely does the idea of an innovative belt come to mind. Disc golfers historically discuss and think about shoes, shirts, and pants. That has started to change thanks to GRIP6. Unlike any other belt before them, GRIP6 has started to become a household... Continue Reading →

A Legend- David Feldberg

In the world of competitive disc golf, there are plenty of top tier players who still compete in tournaments every season. Players such as the McBeth’s, Wysocki’s. Barsby’s, and Lizotte’s of the world. But there are still some players on tour who are a part of the “old guard” of disc golf. One of those... Continue Reading →

Overrated- Danny Lindahl

As I am sure some of you know, there is a popular Disc Golfer and form reviewer out there named Danny Lindahl. About a year ago I got the chance to talk to him over the phone and write up a story about him. Since then I have kept up with his career and watched... Continue Reading →

Biscuits and Grady- Grady Shue

One of the young and up and comers to make his name known, made a big move this year in regard to his sponsorship. From being on the Discmania team to Latitude 64 Grady Shue has become a name to considered for each event he plays in. Grady has a great story to tell about... Continue Reading →

The Poster Boy- Simon Lizotte

Probably one of the biggest disc golfers I have had the opportunity to interview was this individual. Some say he is immortal, some call him one half of the smash brothers, but most call him Simon. I got the chance to learn from and talk to the king of bombing discs himself Simon Lizotte and... Continue Reading →

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