Just Go Play- Chris Clemons

In the group of players sponsored by Dynamic Discs there is a lefty that has moved up the ranks in the Disc golf world. From working for Dynamic Discs in Kansas to being one of the sponsored players, Chris Clemons has done just that. Chris gave me the opportunity to talk with him and answer... Continue Reading →

Man on a mission- Jordan Castro

In recent videos put out by Dynamic Discs you can see a common individual other than Robert McCall. That individual is Jordan Castro, a disc bombing machine from the great state of Minnesota. Jordan has been making a name for himself over the past few years and has been showing that he is a force... Continue Reading →

Apex- Apex driver review

So, I have had this disc for a couple weeks and finally put enough rounds with it in order to feel comfortable to talk about it. This is the newest distance driver from Gateway Disc Sports and it is worth having in your bag. To start, I have the Apex in Gateway’s premium diamond plastic... Continue Reading →

The Humm Squad- Mike Beshore Interview

Trying to reach out to more than just players in my area or professional is something that I strive for within my interviews. I love getting to talk to players, but, getting to talk to TD’s, company owners, team creators, etc. is just as interesting to me. So, with that in mind and trying to... Continue Reading →

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